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Big Winnings for all Bettors

Betting is big in Asia. In fact, according to some statistics, The Asia Pacific region generated 11.72 Billion in gambling revenues in 2017, a number that has substantially grown over the years.

However, the enthusiasm for gambling cannot be simply explained by revenues generated from gambling but also the winnings individual bettors have tapped into, as a result of smart betting on H3asia.

These sensational winnings can be credited in part to H3asia’s collaboration with leading sports betting companies such as Sports999; a globally recognized bookmaker that is now bringing the best of online sports betting action to Asia.

The Safe and User-Friendly Sports Betting Option

At H3asia, the focus is always on bettors, and casino gaming enthusiasts who flock to our website for endless casino gaming and betting thrills. Our collaboration with Sports999 allows us to meet a very real market demand for sports betting thrills and excitement in the Asia Pacific region.

Our sports bettors are primarily concentrated in countries such as Singapore; and Sports999 allows us to reach out to these bettors with very real opportunities for sports betting and winning. It is easy to see how this is a win-win scenario for all.

A Variation of Sports Betting Action

One of the primary highlights of sports betting on H3asia with Sports999 is the variety of sporting action that the average bettor has access to. It is quite apt that the sky is the limit, as Asia is a truly expansive continent, and varying bettors from varying regions, favour various sports to bet on. For example, boxing is highly favoured in Philippines, while the Chinese have an affinity for basketball, and closely follow this sport.

The variation of sport betting action on H3asia, courtesy of Sports999, allows bettors familiar with various sports to bet on a sport that they are most akin to, and in turn make winnings with their sports knowledge, and their ability to pick a winning team, player, or athlete to bet on.

This variety also allows sports bettors to diversify their bets, and in turn maximize their chances of increasing winnings at every given opportunity, which to be fair is support by 24/7 betting action on the H3asia platform. Undeniably, all of the above is good news for sports bettors in Asia. For which, Sports999 must be given its due credit as one of the leading sports betting companies in the region.

A Fruitful Collaboration

According to the reputed data firm Statistica; online sportsbooks such as Sports999 bring in $39.7 billion of sports betting revenues in Asia. This is the lion’s share of sports betting revenues and can be credited to easy access to sports betting action online, courtesy of sports betting platforms such as H3asia, and its fruitful collaboration with Sports999.

If these are not enough reasons to start betting on your favourite sports on the H3asia platform today, we have more. H3asia is a safe and accredited betting and casino gaming platform, with widespread repute in the Asia Pacific region.