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Yong Sheng

Yong Sheng Horse Racing

When H3asia allows bettors to place bets on almost every conceivable sport; why should the excitement and thrills of horse racing be omitted from the H3asia experience. Bearing this in mind, H3asia brings Yong Sheng Horse Racing to Singapore and other regions of Asia.

The popularity of horse racing in Asia cannot be discounted, and this is a widely followed sport in the region. Along with following the races, rooting for the winners, and partaking in the excitement of horse racing; Asians also enjoy the opportunity of betting on their favourite horses. While, this may always not be an option at the race grounds, H3asia has digitalized horse racing betting with Young Sheng Horse Racing in Singapore and other Asian countries.

The Popularity of Horse Racing in Asia

To illustrate the popularity of horse racing betting in Asia, one can easily choose Hong Kong as a case study. On November 6th 2001, one million people placed their bets on a horse racing event in Hong Kong. That is one in seven Hong Kong residents, spending good money at the races.

These figures are not only indicative of the popularity of horse racing betting in Hong Kong, but also horse racing betting in Singapore, all of China, and others countries in Asia. Horse racing is a sport that Asians take very seriously, and many have made significant winnings, by betting on the winning horses, at various horse racing events across the continent.

The Advantages of Yong Sheng Horse Racing

For many horse racing enthusiasts in Asia, the bets often mean more than the race. Horse race betting is not uniformly regulated across Asia; as such Yong Sheng Horse Racing on the H3asia platform allows horse racing bettors in Asia, a safe and regulated platform for horse race betting.

This is definitely an advantage that horse race bettors in Asia are making full use of. Moreover, Yong Sheng Horse Racing has truly digitalized horse race betting for the benefit of Asian enthusiasts.

  • Yong Sheng Horse Racing presents 24/7 betting opportunities for various horse racing events across Asia on the H3asia platform
  • Being an SSL-encrypted platform; horse race betting with Yong Sheng Horse Racing, facilitates free and fair betting for all Asians
  • Winnings are guaranteed, when bettors use their horse racing knowledge to pick a winning horse at any horse racing event
  • Many happy bettors on the H3asia platform, have won big money with Yong Sheng Horse Racing


In conclusion, and with an understanding of the benefits of Yong Sheng Horse Racing; it is only fair that you create an H3asia account today to enjoy the best of horse race betting.

H3asia has partnered with Yong Sheng Horse Racing in an effort to fill in the void for digital horse race betting in Asia. Asians can now bet on their favourite horses, at the biggest horse racing events, anytime and anywhere; such is the nature of Yong Sheng Horse Racing.