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Your experience of horse racing betting in CITIbet

Horse racing betting is one of the most popular sports betting games across the world. It is quite an easy and interesting one. And yes, thanks to our era or so-called generation which has given us such availability of devices to bet on, in tablets, computers and many others through accessing the internet. If you are a beginner or a newbie who wants to make a profitable bet through Horse racing betting then you are in the right place as well as CITIbet from H3Asia which provides you one of the best platforms to have profits on your table. H3Asia assures complete fair play and exceptional horse racing betting experience right at CITIbet.

CITIbet suggests the rookies…

One should have a specific choice as per the place like first, second and third. Also, can be picked up on the basis of the podium as well as can be done in a generalized way i.e. betting on all the three holders. If you would really have a good guess then it depends upon your wager and there is no limit.

Betting is very simple and easy but you need to understand it correctly. If you are not sure about your understanding then you can wait and have to analyze the statistics well. You might not be sure about your selection then you can choose the winners as they look for odds sometimes.


strongly suggests the bettors to know about the whole scenario i.e. going through the race track, overviewing the horses as well as the jockey. Who knows horses might have a different precise place to race. Example: a particular horse is good at grass, the other one on dry land and maybe the third one be good at muddy areas. And yeah, surely keep an eye on the jockey who had been racing for years, who have a great experience.

As you might a newbie you must consider or think about the jockey or the horse rider. There are riders who hold the podium even riding the worst horse and on the other place, there are riders, even riding with the best horse they are not able to grab the first place. The horse is not actually the one you need to focus on, but a good rider is really important. Look for the professional jockey and the consecutive winners. CITIbet even suggests players to calculate the odds, but as per the statistics, a minimal of 20% of calculation fails.

You need not go for your favorite ones i.e. if you have kept an eye on your top dog then surely you must not go for it. In this way, you will have more chances to win. And this thrill alone has led the US government to ban this form of betting in 22 states of the US. Still, there has been an increase of 5.3% of the attendance of people in horse racing festivals.

Why CITIbet?

If you really want to win much and fill your empty pockets then you must reach out to a platform like CITIbet from H3Asia which offers rebated and bonuses relentlessly. You can be at the advantage of putting your stakes on horse racing here. You can never go wrong choosing H3Asia onsite betting options.