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Are you a horse racing fan? Ezgo123 is here

Horse racing is probably one of the most popular sports of betting that almost everyone has surely tried in their life. But is it possible to be present on the physical racetrack every time and to bet on your lucky horse? If no then Ezgo123 is here for you to transform the definition of true horse race betting for you. There is no dissenting from the fact that Ezgo123 is a well-known multi-bet racing game that gives you the true felling of betting on a physical horse racing track without stepping a foot outside your home.

What is Ezgo123 all about?

For people who don’t know how the game works or what the game exactly does, here is a definitive guide for them to find out their scope in the game. With Ezgo123 you can surely experience the thrill of owning, training and racing your virtual horses in live while competing with other players worldwide and that too in 3D. Isn’t that on experience of a lifetime?

All you need to do is to pick your horse and name it. Then you can click on the race button to start your race. Then you can control your racing horse with the arrow keys like you want to do and play it just like any other hyper-realistic video game ever in existence.

The best part about Ezgo123is that this game lets you to be in complete control of your virtual stable and can give you a first-hand insight of what the other top thorough board owners are doing to prepare their horses for the race so that you can play accordingly.

We at H3Asia take pride in our versatility

With Ezgo123 you not just explore your skills and gaming talents while surviving in the cut-throat competition with the global community but you can also win real-time cash prize. The game is extremely popular and every game on our website of H3Asia that we feature is nothing less than a delight to play.

Soccer though gets much of our attention as almost 70% of all sports betting is done on soccer but games like horse racing aren’t also left behind. Statistics say that the commission for forecast and pace forecast is at 18% for horse race betting in Singapore and the Commission for Tierce, Trio and Quartet are at 25%, so we also have a clear and concise focus on horse racing as well.

Play big with H3Asia

H3Asia has brought to you wold’s most revolutionary horse racing game Ezgo123. Now maximize your horse racing experience and test your gaming skills. Enjoy exciting prizes and bonuses as we give you a true feeling of race-track in the game of luck. The silver lining for everything that we have to offer you with Ezgo123 is the beginner level support and an extremely superior interface that matches your expectations. .We make transaction super easy for you and security will also be never a concern for you as long as you will be registered on our site. So have you tried our services yet?