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You can use the payment service gateway that you used during fund deposition. You can make just one withdrawal requisition within 24 hours. Call our hotline for better guidance. We will sms or email you once the transaction is over.

It depends on the transaction mode that you have chosen. Still if there’s a delay, you can easily contact our customer support team for guidance.

Targeted at Singaporean population, supports the currencies of these countries specifically.

The processing times vary depending on your payment methods. If you find any delay in processing call our hotline.

Moneybookers is a Financial Services Authority (FSA) UK regulated organisation. processes credit card and debit card payments through Moneybookers. This platform supports almost 30 currencies worldwide. Skrill can help you send money by email do online shopping and get money through email. You have to register for a Skrill account for fund deposition. Go to and select the SIGN UP option. Give your account information. You can have just one Skrill email account. Select your residential country. Give the security number. Get your verification email. Verify within 24 hours. Give your personal details. Give accurate date of birth. You can also get future offers and promotions by selecting the respective options. Accept the terms and policies to complete your registration successfully. Once registered go to the website and login with the security number. Go to My Account page for viewing summary. The send money option lets you send money easily. You can also use the eNets funding process for your Skrill account.

NETELLER is an e-wallet service where you can deposit, withdraw and transfer funds. This is a highly secured mode of transferring your earnings. You just visit and select the ‘join now’ tab. Give your personal details and continue with the steps. Give your security information and select the terms and condition options. Select the finish button once you are done. Check for confirmation that all information is correct. You can also edit your registration information to change information. Finish the process and get a confirmation mail with all your details. Go to the login link in the mail. To manage your account you need to login and give your secure id provided in the confirmation mail. Sign in and check your transaction history. You can deposit funds through your debit card. Your bank should support online banking facilities. You must always check the bank details and password properly before finalising the transaction. You must note the transaction Id number.

Deposition of funds is very easy and speedy process. There are a range of payment options. If you are depositing immediately after account activation you will be taken directly to the deposit page.

You might also call us for assistance. Select the payment methods from the menu in the bottom. The respective payment methods will be generated depending on the payment mode you select. Payment modes vary according to the different types of currency. Click on the preferred payment option and enter your details. We might have to provide your details to the third-party payment sources. Finally, if your transaction is done properly you will be taken back to page displaying confirmation for a successful transaction. If the transaction stands incomplete or rejected by us or the third-party payment source, the confirmation page will display the same. If you have deposited funds previously then you just sign in and call our hotline or mail us deposit money. Check if the deposit mode is available and select your payment mode. Select your payment mode and give your details.

At we work hard to safeguard your privacy online and this is why we adhere to a stronger password strategy. Creating a stronger password, prevents hackers from cracking your password easily and minimize the chances of losing your account. Your password should have at least 8-15 characters with a combination of alphabets and numbers. Your password shouldn’t have your username, first name or last name. Use a long password with alphabets, letters and symbols including numbers. Use a good variety in characters. Avoid using common words or names in different other websites. Change your password every 3 months. Make your new password different from the old one.

Changing your password regularly improves the security of your betting account. You must change your password every 3 months. You just have to login to your account and go to the change or edit password option. Go to the password page and make changes. Enter your existing and new password and confirm the new one by entering it once again. Click on save button to secure the password. You will get a confirmation mail with new password details. Your password should have 8-15 characters. It must be a combination of alphabets and numbers. Your password shouldn’t have your username, first name or last name. There shouldn’t be any blank spaces in your password.

If you are having problems with loging into your account then please go with the following steps:

– Make sure that you have received your account details

– Check the login details if you have entered the right username and password.

– If you forgot your username or password, call our hotline or email us. We will help to recover your username and reset your password. In case of problems with signing in recently follow the given steps

– Check your username and password.

– If you have changed your login details and forgotten then call our hotline or email us

– In case you have started the self exclusion process then you wouldn’t be able to login unt self exclusion time duration is over.

– Avoid using incorrect username and password repeatedly, since that can block you for security reasons. Please call our hotline or contact our customer support team.

– To ensure better security, your account may be locked temporarily.

Please get in touch with our customer service team for proper instructions

The usual age limit for registering with is 18 years or the minimum legal age limit fixed by the government of your country. Ours is a licensed online betting site and we believe that we should take a responsible stand while providing our gamers with an advanced gaming and betting experience. We will verify your personal information individually.
Usually, it’s not important to deposit any fund to your account as soon as you join. Once your account is active, you can easily choose to skip the fund deposit procedure or proceed with it. You can deposit funds whenever you wish. You just have to call us or email us. However, you need to complete the fun deposition process within 30 days post activation of your account, to prevent deletion of your account.
No, you are not supposed use a common email address for opening duplicate accounts with If you have registered previously but due to non-usage of account forgot your password or user name, you can easily call our hotline to get assistance. You can also email us. We will help you access our assistance page to recover your user name and password.

Opening an account with is free and completely hassle free and it takes just a few minutes. Once, you have your account created you can start betting on our products and participate in the events that we offer. You need to follow a few easy steps:

* Visit and go to the Contacts page.

* Give your information

* You must give confirmation that you accept our terms and conditions and indulge in responsible gambling as you select the respective checkbox. Click to send information.

* Call our hotline for further assistance