Why Is The Premier League The Best League In The World?

Why Is The Premier League The Best League In The World?

The Premier League is definitely the most popular football league in the world in terms of quality. Indeed, the level of the teams is impressive.

One of the reasons the English Premiere League is the best in the world is the suspense in the fight for the final title.

Indeed, in this championship, the teams are no gift to be crowned with an arduous calendar.

The matches are fiercely contested with scores rarely zero. This panting fight for the title of champion of England engages several teams. If you feel like it, you can book your tickets for upcoming Premier League matches.

If in the other European championships, it is often 2 to 3 clubs that dictate the law. In England, we talk about big 6 in which we often find big names like Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City, etc.

In addition, it is not uncommon to see surprise teams that come to mingle with this group. This is the case, this year, for a team like Newcastle.

Another exceptional fact at the level of the English football championship, are the stadiums which are always full to bursting. Indeed, whatever the match considered, the public is always present in the stands.

Football stadium occupancy rates are higher in England than in other countries such as Spain or Germany. This guarantees a permanent spectacle from the beginning to the end of each match.

What better than a well-filled stadium to encourage players to give their best on the pitch. Each stadium meets UEFA standards guaranteeing the practice of a high-level sport such as professional football.

The lawns are perfectly well maintained and are the most beautiful in Europe. English football thus meets all the expectations of true football fans around the world.

If the English Premier League is the most popular in the world, the monster investments made are for something.

Indeed, astronomical amounts are paid to give each club the best possible level. This bitter adversity means that English clubs have some of the highest budgets in Europe and the world.

Investors come from various horizons of the world, such as Americans, Saudis or even Qataris. This is also reflected during recruitment periods with exceptional amounts to procure the best players.

This year, clubs like Chelsea, Newcastle and Nottingham Forest have greatly distinguished themselves on the transfer market.


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