The Best Football Sponsors

The Best Football Sponsors

Football is a sport that unites passions around the world. The matches are followed around the world and the most talented are practically idolised by the public.

It is easy to understand why sponsors are rushing to financially support this discipline which still has a very bright future ahead of it.


Nike is a sports equipment brand that needs no introduction. The American company is strongly anchored in the world of professional sport, particularly in football where it is present in the five major European championships.

Among the major teams sponsored by the Nike brand, Liverpool signed its partnership in 2020 after 5 years of association with the New Balance brand. The contract was around 80 million euros per season.

Since 2017, Chelsea have also sported the comma mark on their sports equipment. The figures are even more spectacular, with almost a billion euros spread over 15 years. Also in England, the Spurs have been sponsored by Nike for several years. The mark would have even contributed to the popularisation of the club in the world.


How not to mention Adidas when placing Nike in any ranking? Indeed, the brand with the three stripes is the second most important sponsor in the world of football. Like its American rival, the German brand is present in the five major European championships by sponsoring major clubs.

Adidas’ first partner club is Real Madrid. Since 1998, the Spanish club has proudly worn the brand’s sports equipment with a long-term contract extending until 2028. Thanks to this sponsorship, the Madrid club collects more than 120 million euros per season.


If the Puma brand seems to have been eclipsed by its counterparts Adidas and Nike for some time, it is making a strong comeback by sponsoring more and more clubs playing the leading roles on the European scene in the major championships.

To start the list of clubs supported by the Puma brand, we can mention Manchester City. The Citizens enjoy a handsome sum of €78m after signing their contract with Puma in 2019.


Since the advent of professional football, the various clubs have formed partnerships with large companies, major brands and various institutions through sponsorship.


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