The Most Angry World Tennis Players

The Most Angry World Tennis Players

Who says a tennis player can’t throw a tantrum on the court? Contrary to what one might think, there are indeed players who let themselves go when the situation is not in their favour.

Focus on these gentlemen and lady who have trouble controlling their emotions.

Jimmy Connors

We’ve noticed that tennis players don’t get too violent. On the other hand, they perfectly master the art of insults. This is the case of Jimmy Connors during the 1991 US Open. While playing in the semi-finals, the American insulted a referee.

We will do without giving you the juicy details of the scene. All we can say is that he even dared to call the referee a “runt” when he lost a point.

Serena Williams

The “bad attitude” is not typical of men, Serena Williams is here to prove it. The young woman with a strong character did not hesitate to threaten a line judge during the semi-final of the Grand Slam tournament. In the end, the beautiful Serena lost the match and got a penalty point.

Marat Safin

Here is one who gives free rein to his anger! Luckily, he hasn’t attacked anyone yet. He simply has the annoying habit of demolishing his racquets when the matches turn against him. Do you even have an idea of ​​the number of his victims?

According to him, during these 4 years of career (from 2005 to 2009), he would have already broken more than 300 rackets.

John McEnroe

We think it can be tough to beat champion John McEnroe. Indeed, the latter has already had to pay around 12 million fines because of his insults.

The American player rarely hesitates to say what he thinks and we even invite you to see various compilations of these outbursts on Youtube.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t just blame himself. More than once, opponents and referees have also benefited.

Marcelo Rios

If there is one who breaks all records, it is certainly Marcelo Rios. Indeed, if all those who have been mentioned above were content to insult and threaten, Marcelo Rios sometimes comes to blows.

To give you some insight into his misbehavior, here is a short list of his slip-ups: While drunk, he assaulted two policemen during the Rome tournament. He also had a run-in with security guards at a bar in Santiago, Chile. And he was also sent off by a referee because of his repeated insults.


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