The Best Race Horses You Can Have at CITIbet

When you making a bet on horse racing, you will have and enjoy many unique types. However, among them, the race horse breed will determine the victory or defeat of the game.

Therefore, CITIbet always offers a variety of thoroughbred racehorses or top race horses to compete and increase excitement for punters to make bets.

Let’s take a look at some of the popular racehorse breeds throughout the years.

Based on the origin, characteristics and body, racehorses will be classified separately. In which the horse species born to be on the track can be known as follows:

Mongolian Celestial Horse

It is a popular horse breed in Mongolia that is loved by many people. This is considered a steppe steed and once helped the Yuan Mong empire rule for a long time.

Referring to the horse, people will know that the horse has endurance, is easy to raise, and has the ability to run extremely fast. This horse breed is not too muscular, the whole body is reddish brown or dark brown, especially the big and strong legs, the slim ball is suitable for long-distance running.

The horse breed can trot for more than 10 hours continuously, so it is extremely suitable for long-distance horse racing.

Appaloosa Horse Breed

The Appaloosa horse breed has many beautiful spotted hairs. On the track, this is also a horse with good acceleration. In addition, this horse breed is used a lot in movies, outdoor shows.

The average height is reported to be 1.4m and the weight is about 500kg. The basic feature of Appaloosa horse breed is intelligence, fast running along with great endurance.

Above are race horse breeds that have been tested and selected by many punters at CITIbet. Each type of racing horse has its own characteristics for bettors to choose from. Hopefully you will find yourself the best racing horse to ensure a more comfortable game.


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