Malaysia Horse Racing Betting Agent

Horse racing is one of the oldest and almost earliest sports in the world. In the past, racetracks were always for aristocrats, only those with real money could join in horse racing betting.

Today, with the development of technology, you can participate in racing right at CITIbet and still have the same excitement as when sitting at the racetrack. You will experience races all over the world.

Horse racing betting has basic rules for punters, especially newcomers to the racesbook to learn carefully.

The following rules you need to remember:

Race Schedule: Every competition will have a race schedule. CITIbet will notify the specific match schedule to punters who receive horse racing betting notifications.

Downtime: Before every horse racing match, there is a time for players to place bets. CITIbet will stop accepting bets 3 to 5 minutes before the start of the race depending on the type and match you take part in horse racing.

Race Result:  After completing the bet the punter chooses to wait for the race result to take place. Online house horse races will be announced live when the race is over.

All results are made public after each race. After the result, Nowbet will pay the prize directly into the punter’s online horse racing account.

Depend on Referee: In each race, the winning horse will be decided by the referee. In many cases, the first horse is not necessarily the winning horse.

Full Refund: Matches that are postponed, suspended or canceled will be refunded in full. If the match resumes at a different time or the racetrack location is changed, bets will still be void.

CITIbet also has specific regulations to ensure the interests of punters in the betting process. Each possible situation in the race has clear rules and CITIbet will handle the situation according to the set rules. Therefore, you need to learn carefully during your betting process.


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