Miles Bridges Plans to Return to NBA with Hornets by March

Miles Bridges Plans to Return to NBA with Hornets by March

Miles Bridges on Tuesday said he is confident and hopes to return to the league next month during an interview at a college game.

“It’s been a long process. But maybe I’ll come back in March.” Bridges said.

Bridges was one of the key players for the Charlotte Hornets last season, but he hasn’t played in the NBA since being arrested for domestic violence.

Despite being arrested, the Hornets still retained the rights to Bridges’ contract. However, he has not received a salary from the team since his release.

The 24-year-old athlete pleaded guilty and was granted parole after posting bail. But he still had to provide services to the community.

However, the NBA is investigating Miles Bridges’ case and is expected to face a lengthy suspension if he returns to the Hornets, or another team. So even if the winger is confident, it’s unlikely he’ll be on the court next month.

Bridges’ speech suggests that the investigation is nearing an end. However, the Charlotte team has not signed him beyond this season and is unlikely to want him this season.

It was clear that they entered the tank strategy after the franchise’s lack of moves on the trade market. The method consists of trying to reach the first position of the next Draft.

The team gets defeats due to the lack of effort to remain competitive and has more chances in the draw.

Moreover, signing Bridges would make them perform better at the end of the season, which they don’t want.

In addition, it is almost impossible to reach the playoffs , since they have less than 20 wins at the moment and are the second last team in the Eastern conference. But signing the player would only hurt the franchise’s image.

So far, the Hornets have not said anything about the situation. It is likely, however, that he will be suspended for several matches once his new contract is signed.


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