How Find Your Sports Stay

How Find Your Sports Stay

Physical activities and adventure are yours. Yes, but going on a sporting holiday requires a minimum of preparation and organisation.

You have to plan everything: go with the family or send the children to a summer camp, choose the destination, the activities, leave for a weekend or for a longer stay.

Where to start? Where to look? Do not panic! Here are 4 tips to help you find the right information easily and quickly:

1. Tourist Offices

Did you know that tourist offices are your best ally to guarantee you a successful holiday or sporting stay? They are there to guide you, help you in your search for destinations or sports activities on their territory.

They can provide you with all the verified information of your vacation spot. Do you want clear and precise information on the sports practiced there? Do not hesitate to turn to them!

2. Travel Agencies

It takes time to organise a sporting holiday. Lots of details to think about! But you are caught up in everyday life like me and you don’t have time to plan everything. A word of advice: contact travel agencies. It is your essential partner.

Some even offer you a 100% personalised stay and different formulas adapted to your situation: short stays, sports stays with the family, stays off the beaten track.

3. Sports Clubs

Want to take surfing or rock climbing lessons? Sports clubs can also be a valuable aid in finding information on sports practices in a region. You can thus find all the events concerning the sport that interests you.

4. Travel Blogs

Did you know that travel blogs are a huge asset when planning a trip? They give you lots of advice and tips to prepare your stay as well as possible. Some help you plan your trip from A to Z. 

You don’t know what to do or where to go, but you are determined to exercise? Is the balance leaning towards the mountain side rather than the sea side for your sporting holidays?


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