Essentials for Learning to Play Football

Essentials for Learning to Play Football

In club or leisure, football is played all over the world. But to start well, you have to learn the basics and this is where we will guide you, you will become the king of headers, passing and driving the ball.

Are you passionate about football and do you want to fully master the rules of this team sport? No doubt, you are in the right place!

We enlighten you here on the history of football, its rules of the game, without forgetting to refer you to the football equipment essential to any self-respecting footballer.

Learn to Make a Face

Depending on the game situation, this technique allows you to clear the ball, pass to a teammate or score. Heading involves touching the ball with your skull, ideally your forehead.

To give power to the strike, bend your legs, tilt your bust from the back to the front by contracting the abdominals. At the end of this rocking motion, bring your neck forward.

Next, the skull strike zone: strike the ball with the upper part of the forehead. This part perfectly matches the shape of the ball while also being the most bony (the least painful).

Learn to Make a Short Pass

The short pass is a pass that is always transmitted low to the ground, to facilitate the control of the teammate who will receive the ball.

The supporting foot is the foot that does not kick the ball. Place it at the level of the ball, about 20 cm to the left if you are right-handed. The supporting foot must be pointing towards the target.

It is also important to have the shoulders facing the target. Hit the ball with the flat of the foot, ie the inside part of the foot. To do this, open your foot and hit the ball aiming for its central part.

Learn to Make a Long Pass

This pass passes the ball to a teammate away from you. It is made in height in order to make the interception of the adversary more complicated.

Then position your support foot 20 cm to the left of the ball if you are right-handed. Hit the lower part of the ball that is in contact with the ground with the upper part of the inside of the foot. When shooting, keep the kicking leg straight to give it power.

Learn to Drive the Ball

Having good ball handling is very important in football because it allows you to move while maintaining control of the ball.

Good ball handling consists of keeping the ball close to you by allowing frequent changes of pace and direction. Take small steps, directing the ball with your strong foot (most comfortable for hitting).


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