Draymond Green Says Warriors Don’t Care about Any West Team

Draymond Green Says Warriors Don’t Care about Any West Team

Draymond Green said that no rival from the West keeps the Golden State Warriors up at night.

The Warriors are off to a historically weak start to the season for a defending league champion. After all, the franchise has only won 14 of 27 games so far.

The performance, however, does not intimidate or limit the confidence of one of the team’s references in the face of conference competition.

“We are not worried about any opponents from the West. There are good teams in the conference, certainly, and we should be ‘appropriately afraid’ of them.” Green said.

“Phoenix, for example, is one of them. I will never consider the Lakers defeated, as they have LeBron James , Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook . But no one really worries me.” Green added.

The Warriors have nine wins in 17 games in the season within its conference. Green doesn’t doubt that rivals can beat his team in one night, but it’s a different story in a playoff series.

“I recognise the potential of these teams, first of all. But at the same time, I know that none of them can beat us if we play our best basketball.” Green said.

However, Green sees a path open in his conference, but very tough rivals to find in the finals.

“The Boston Celtics are playing better basketball than anybody, so one of my eyes is on them.” Green said.

“The other eye is on the Milwaukee Bucks as they are a great team with great players. They could have been East Champions last season, but Khris Middleton was injured. He’s back now and they’re performing great too.” Green added.

While things have been far from perfect for the Warriors this season, forward Green suggested he remains confident.


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