Carlo Pernat Thinks MotoGP Future Doesn’t Look Bright

Carlo Pernat discuss the present and immediate future of MotoGP: Declining visitor numbers, the lack of a strong personality after the retirement of Valentino Rossi, the introduction of Sprint races for the MotoGP class, a different timetable during the GP weekends, no less than 21 GP weekends, more and more overseas GP weekends.

“Dorna couldn’t make it after the Valentino Rossi era. After such an era, something must be done, at least understand what the problem was, instead it was underestimated.” Pernat said.

“In Mugello, for example, where ticket sales were dramatic last season, Valentino Rossi was named MotoGP Legend. But in my opinion you can’t do that with a presentation of about 20 minutes in the media centre.”

“At such a moment you should have invited all Rossi fans, let them drive a few laps around the circuit with their hero under supervision, organised a parade with all his fellow riders. You have to do things like this completely differently.” Pernat added.

Sprint races are the big news in the MotoGP World Championship next year, but there are already strong feelings about the format before it is used for the first time.

“Sprint races are not the solution in my opinion, I don’t see what they can be used for.” Pernat said.

“Yes, to have people come on Saturday. But since you are organising the race on Saturday, it is alot necessary to get the TV stations that have bought the television rights to broadcast it on a free channel, thus promoting the race on Sunday.

“The riders will also compete with each other during the Sprint races, they drive more laps in a weekend and they risk crashes that might cause them to miss the race on Sunday.” he added.


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