Casino News: The Most Famous Gamblers in History

Edward Throp

Although the first goal of creating casino games is to entertain and spend free time in fun and entertaining games, the fun of winning and making profits from betting in the online casino is unparalleled fun.

However, there are some world famous gamblers in history who have special abilities who have managed to beat the casino and win and make huge profits from betting in casino games.

Richard Marcus

This player is a gambling enthusiast to the extent that he arrived for addiction, but he took advantage of this love to become one of the most successful and best gamblers in the world, and became the owner of a huge wealth of gambling and permanent play, and even became one of the most important distributors in the games. He won at least US$ 5 million from Baccarat and Blackjack game.

Edward Throp

He is one of the most famous card players in the game of Blackjack, he is basically a professor of mathematics and holds a doctorate degree, he is the inventor of the original strategy of card counting, and at first studied the game of Blackjack much scrutiny so that he can understand how to win in the game.

Ida Summers

Ida Summers is the only woman who succeeded in making a huge wealth of gambling betting. In the 60s and 70s she reeled in tens of thousands of dollars in the casinos using guile and shiftiness.

Soon she became a legend among the shady underworld of casino cheats since nobody in their right mind had ever attempted inserting a cold deck before, but rumours abound about it and the FBI began to chase it to end the legend of Summers.

Loius Colavecchio

Colavecchio managed to deceive the casinos and win huge sums of money that no one knows yet, but rumours range between $ 100,000 and half a million dollars, through his tremendous ability to manufacture precious stones, and metals.

Colavecchio continued to deceive the gambling halls of Las Vegas for long periods before the FBI discovered his truth and reached the cache where he found thousands of pieces of dice used in craps games.

MIT Team

This is the most famous team around the world in terms of making profits from gambling betting, a team composed of a group of smart students at MIT who decided to use arithmetic strategies to understand the game of Blackjack and overcome the casino to win money.


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