The History of Sic Bo Game

History of Sicbo

Sic Bo is a dice game that has existed in Asian countries for a long time. Originally from China, the game has spread like an oil slick across the Asian continent.  The game is played with three dice and the intention of the game is to predict which number will fall or which combination or triple will appear on the table.

However, the history of the game goes back much longer than today. Here you can read more about the history and origins of Sic Bo.


Sic Bo is officially from the huge country of China. According to the population, the game goes back hundreds, perhaps thousands of years. In any case, it is known that playing dice was one of the first forms of entertainment, reminiscent of today’s casino.

Coloured stones

Hard data exists about the precise year in which Sic Bo was invented. The story goes that Sic Bo was first played with a colored brick, which, just like a dice, had six sides early on. Over time, the bricks were exchanged and smaller stones came back for them, which eventually ended in dice. These dice were of course a lot easier to use and the speed of the game was considerably improved.

The three dice they started playing with were thrown on a porcelain base. The moment the dice landed, they were covered with a dish or lid, so that the dice were not visible until the moment they were really still. Then the bowl or lid was removed and it was possible to see what the outcome of the game was. These were the first Sic Bo games rules.

Other names

Sic Bo is an Asian name for the dice game. In English, Sic Bo means “Dice pair”, or a combination of dice. For the sake of completeness, the game is a combination of three dice, in which you as a gambler can bet in various ways on the possible sum or combination of eyes on the dice. In Asia, Sic Bo is also called Tai Sai or Dai Siu, so if you visit an online casino soon, there is a chance that you will encounter the game Sic Bo under this name.


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