Aston Martin Sees Sebastian Vettel’s Merit in the Team’s Progress in 2023

Aston Martin Sees Sebastian Vettel’s Merit in the Team’s Progress in 2023

Sebastian Vettel retirement took many by surprise and is still mourned not only by Formula 1 fans, but Aston Martin knows it carries a share of the four-time champion in AMR23.

Team boss Mike Krack said that before leaving the series, the veteran gave many directions regarding the development of this year’s car.

The head of the English team recognised Vettel’s work as an important part of the leap the team took this season.

Aston Martin has been on the podium in all the races held so far, with Fernando Alonso, and is already thinking about taking the next step very soon, with an eye on tracks like Monaco and Barcelona as places for a possible victory.

“I think he has his merits as to where the car is today, as we had many, many meetings last year where he would give us pointers like do this or don’t do this with the new car’” Krack recalled. “So I think he has his merits,” he reiterated.

Krack was also asked about Vettel’s decision to leave F1 and if he thought it was a hasty attitude, but said that it was about respecting the will of the now ex-pilot.

“Well, if he retired too early or too late, that’s something you’ll have to ask him,” Krack said.

“We have to respect the decision he made. He reflected for a long time before deciding, and if he had to move on after that, so do we.” Krack added.

Vettel joined Aston Martin in 2021 after being sacked by Ferrari, and despite showing flashes of greatness.

The German was unable to add to his 53 Grand Prix wins, with Aston Martin finishing only seventh in the Constructors’ Championship during his two years with the team.

Krack also hailed the positive effect that Alonso had had on the team since arriving from Alpine over the winter.

“He brought a lot of energy, a lot of positiveness when he arrived,” Krack said.

“He is leading by example at all times. He’s there very early, he’s working really hard and it is this leading by example that everybody just sees and grabs on and gives an extra level of motivation.” he added.


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