George Russell and Novak Djokovic Talk about Formula 1 Calendar

George Russell and Novak Djokovic Talk about Formula 1 Calendar

Formula 1 would be in Shanghai this weekend for the Chinese GP conflict if it weren’t for the effects of COVID-19.

The 2023 calendar kept a record-high 23 Grand Prix events even with the race’s cancellation, which asked many questions regarding the connection between logistics and sustainability.

Speaking on the issue, Mercedes driver George Russell expressed his expectation for progress in the next years.

The issue was discussed between the Russell and tennis superstar Novak Djokovic. The Briton attended the Monte Carlo Masters 1000 due to the extended break and seized the opportunity to meet Djokovic.

The two talked about the differences between the disciplines, with Djokovic noting that the F1 timetable needs regular travel across continents throughout the year.

Djokovic then questioned Russell on the time it takes to adjust to a new time zone between travels, and he admitted that he need probably a week to recover from the weekend in Melbourne, Australia.

“We’ve got Azerbaijan next. We’ve just come back from Melbourne. Melbourne’s a killer. I mean, it’s probably taken a week to come back.” Russell said.

“We were meant to go to China next week so we’ve actually got a couple of weeks off. Then Azerbaijan and then the season really kicks off. Then Miami.” Russell added.

It is not the first time that the GPDA president has expressed his desire for an adjustment to the calendar.

Russell said that the drivers spoke with F1 president Stefano Domenicali about the calendar during the category’s passage through Australia,

“Collectively, we have a very strong contribution. I think Stefano is very open to hearing our opinions and talking.” Russell said.

“There is certainly a lot of talk about how sustainable the calendar is, jumping from the Middle East to America and back to Europe . I think this will be improved in the coming years.

“I definitely think Australia needs a back-to-back run to the Middle East as most of us flew here on a Saturday or Sunday last week.” he added.


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