Al Horford’s Sister Reveals Death Threats After Losing Lakers

Al Horford’s Sister Reveals Death Threats After Losing Lakers

Anna Horford on Sunday released aggressive messages received on social media from alleged fans of the Los Angeles Lakers.

One profile swore that the brothers will be shot in the next few days. Another person, meanwhile, has suggested he is going to sexually assault her.

One last, in a very detailed way, wanted them to die charred along with the cast of the Massachusetts team.

“I tweeted & deleted “And the Oscar goes to” about Lebron’s reaction and Lakers fans lost their damn minds. Like, that was one of my mildest tweets ever.” Anna tweeted.

“I said nothing to warrant death & rape threats, you absolute psycho. I have no problem with rivalries and banter, the line was crossed. Stop with the bullshit.

“Thanks to everyone who has had my back the past few days. I’ve gotten an overwhelming amount of notifications and messages of kindness & I really appreciate it.” she added.

The barrage of hostility towards Anna, at first, was generated by a post on twitter. She criticised LeBron James “performance” when he complained about an uncalled foul at the end of regular time in the match.

Anna commented that the star deserved an Oscar. Then the attacks started. They brought, however, a group of people with much more ferocious speech than usual.

But, obviously, the problem started with a court decision. The officiating did not call a clear foul on the Lakers star on the last possession of regular time.

The two free throws would likely decide the match as the game was tied. The Angelinos lost the duel in overtime and the situation caused outrage in the middle of the NBA.

“Jayson Tatum fouled LeBron. He had a foul, but it was very clear indeed. It’s shitty, unacceptable what happened and worse than that is that nothing will happen to the referees.” Anna said.

“We were robbed, in short. It was a very obvious move. The referees certainly did very badly. But really bad.” Anna added.


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