Why You Need Formula 1 Predictions?

Watching Formula 1 is exciting, but a Grand Prix race becomes even more exciting when you decide to bet on F1. The odds for the races are usually good and you can find them at all online sportsbook sites.

In the 2021 season, 23 races account for dozens of F1 predictions. If you mainly think about predicting the winner, you will be surprised if we say that the sportsbooks usually have more than 20 types of F1 bets online. Obviously predicting the race winner is the most popular option, but the other bets are definitely worth it too!

There are many factors involved in every race and they are different for every race. The type of track, the weather, the cars, the tyre choice, all these things are important in making correct Formula 1 predictions and therefore very important for winning your bet.

F1 is so popular worldwide and while it may seem easy to predict who will win a Grand Prix, it isn’t. Did you know that in 50 to 60% of the cases someone else wins than the one who started from pole position? So don’t focus on whoever starts from the first starting position, you might be better off betting on another driver.

Everything you need to make good Formula 1 predictions can be found here at SBOBet. In different places on this site you will find everything you need to know about betting in itself and for every F1 race there is a preview available with tips for the best sports betting of that moment.

The sportsbook like SBOBet has dozens of bets online throughout the season. And not just for the race, but also for free practice and qualifying. Who drives the fastest lap, which team takes the constructors’ title and you name it.

There is no need to be unsure about what to bet on. At SBOBet, they always tip you the best F1 predictions. And if you have interests that go beyond F1 betting tips, on this site you will find much more.


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