Want a Different Kind of a High? Choose Horse Racing Betting

Citibet Malaysia

Equestrianism, more commonly called as horse racing or horseback riding is a very popular game of sports, throughout the world. The game’s popularity is in its peak state in Asian Countries. Malaysia is quite known to be actively involved in the game of horse riding betting.

It is one of the most ancient sports, and to identify that which one of the two or more horses, on the race course is the fastest is unchanged till now. The sport, till the early 20th century, was mainly a recreation activity for the kings and princess.

Kinds of Horse Racing:

Flat Racing, where horses gallop straight between two points, around a straight line or an oval point.

Jump/ Jumps Racing, is also called Steeple-chasing, where a stable of horses, runs and passes/ crosses the obstacles.

Harness Racing, where horses pace or trot, while pulling a driver in a sulky.

Endurance Racing, where the animal travels across the country, over extreme distances, usually ranging from 40 to 161 km, or 25 to 100 miles.


In most of the races, the entry is reserved for only certain kind of breeds. The breed must have a Sire as father, and a dam as mother, who are approved by Studbook individual of whatever breed is racing. To make it simpler to understand, in normal harness races, the horses Sire and Dam must be from Standard-breed.

A Stallion with many years of experience of winning races can be put up as Stud, when he retires. Embryo Transfer Technology, or ETT, and Artificial Insemination, which are only legalized and allowed in some breeds, have brought drastic changes to the tradition and ease of breeding the animal.

The Presence of Citibet in Malaysia

Citibet isn’t only a Malaysian based product, but also has its presence in China, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand, as serving as a great platform for all the online horse racing betting lovers from around the world. The primary goal of the platform is to provide the patrons with a vivid situation, where the betters can make their craved online bets.
Citibet is a completely lawful company, and allowed to acknowledge saddle betting. A swapped, but best gimmick, which the player will come across, is vivid features of horses running right in the PC frameworks and computer systems.

The Betting Starts

There is a fixed and exclusive gambling station at many horse courses, where gamblers stake money on a particular horse. Gambling is prohibited at some tracks. Majority of tracks offer pari-mutuel betting, where the gamblers’ money are pooled and shared in proportions among the winners, once deduction is made from the pool. Citibet is the ultimate destination for gambling and online betting.


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