Understanding How to Bet on Goal Kicks

Did you know that you can bet on a goal kick ? That’s right, betting how many times a player will shoot on goal or how many times his team will kick against the opposing goal.

It may seem strange, but the bet on shots on goal is quite common in European sportsbooks and has also been gaining ground in Asian sportsbooks.

In this article we will tell you how to bet on shots on goal and bring you everything about this interesting market that can be very profitable if you really know what you are doing.

As the name implies, shooting on goal means betting on how many times a certain player or team will shoot on goal. Simple, right? Not so simple.

In this type of bet, the ball really has to go to the goal. Shots out and ball on the post do not count. That is, betting on shots on goal is different from betting on finishing.

To make your betting, simply choose the number of times a team or player will shoot on goal and place your bet. There’s no secret.

For example, if you believe that Cristiano Ronaldo will shoot at least 2 times on goal in the first half between Manchester United  vs. Chelsea, just bet on the player’s over 1.5 shots on goal. Or if you believe that United will shoot 7 times on goal in the game, just bet on the over 6.5 shots.

Betting on goal kick is quite easy and in the next topic we will talk about where you can make this type of entry. This type of bet is very common in European recreational sports betting site, as they are more ‘fun’ bets and this is precisely the purpose of European sportsbooks.

Asian sports betting sites, for a long time, did not have this market, but they have already started to integrate goal kick bets into their grids.

One spors betting site that always offers goal kick betting in big games is SBOBET. However, other sites also work with this option.


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