UFC Best Betting Markets

With millions of dollars wagered annually on the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), it’s no wonder you’re here looking to break into the real money action betting market.

When it comes to betting on mix martial arts fights online, you need to be selective about where you choose to place bets. Signing up with the wrong online gambling sites can not only be a headache, but they can also be expensive.

New to the Octagon? No problem. The first thing you need to learn about UFC betting is the different betting options available. Below, we’ll take a quick look at the four most popular bets available on major UFC and MMA betting sites.


The most popular betting in all of UFC is the winner. In simpler terms, this is a bet on who will win the fight. Now, don’t expect to receive the same dollar amount, no matter who you bet. The more likely a fighter is to win, the less payback you can expect from a win. But by the same token, if you correctly predict a lost victory, wait for the skies to open up and start raining money.


This is a gamble on how long you think a given fight will last. You will see a defined line in the middle of the fight and another set half a turn before the end of the fight. You choose whether you think the fight will last more or less than that line and if you’re right, you win.

Props Betting

One of the most fun betting categories for any sport, including MMA, is propositional betting. These are bets on whether or not something will happen during a fight. Technically, the win betting method falls into this category, but we felt they were big enough to justify their own category.


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