UEFA Bans Russian National Team for Euro 2024

The Ukrainian Football Federation Association president Andrii Pavelko has revealed that Russian national team wil not take part in Euro 2024 qualifying in October 9, in Frankfurt, Germany.

The decision followed a request from the German government, which urged UEFA to ban Russia although the smaller nation will be allowed to enter qualifying.

“As requested, the Russian Federation will not be present on October 9th Frankfurt, Germany. At least until 2024, Russia will not be able to participate in international football competitions.” Pavelko said.

“Euro 2024 will take place without the aggressor country. Of course, there is no decision about suspension and could not have been,” he added.

However, UEFA also confirmed, in the document explaining the procedures for qualifying for the next European Championship, that Russia will not play in that competition.

After meeting its Executive Committee in Croatia, the European football governing body explained that, in accordance with the decision taken on 28 February, confirmed by the TAD on 15 July, all Russian teams are banned from taking part in European competitions.

So, Russia will not be able to take part in the qualification for the European championship.

“All Russian teams are currently suspended, following the decision of the UEFA Executive Committee of 28 February 2022, later confirmed by the Court of Arbitration for Sport on 15 July 2022. Thus, Russia is not included in the qualifying draw for the 2024 European Championship.” UEFA said in a statement.

However, UEFA confirmed that Belarus, which allied itself with Russia during its invasion of Ukraine, will be included in the qualifying draw at this stage.

Thus, 53 teams will compete in the qualifying phase, including Portugal. The 53 teams will be divided into 10 groups (seven of five and three of six).


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