Tyronn Lue Heapes Praise Paul George after Clippers Narrow Win

The Los Angeles Clippers on last weekend defeated the Sacramento Kings by a score of 111–109 while playing away from home despite the absence of Kawhi Leonard and John Wall.

In that way, the Angelino win was largely thanks to the excellent performance of Paul George, who got heaps praise from coach Tyronn Lue.

The Clippers coach was also questioned on George’s position when Kawhi is available. Both players are the team’s leaders in Lue’s eyes.

“I don’t think he has to change roles. In that sense, I think Paul has to be aggressive.” Lue said.

“So, I don’t think it’s one or the other. Both have to produce and perform at a high level for us to win, on both sides of the court,” Lue added.

Thus, Lue asked George to take on responsibility on the court once more. After all, the 32-year-old winger has already demonstrated decision-making powers for the team in several games.

“I had a conversation with him. Paul is a great player. But, he has to be aggressive. I talked to him: you can’t stay in the background. Anyway, you have to be aggressive all the time,” Lue said.

At first, it seems that George got the coach’s message. Against the Kings, he took the reins of the team and led the Clippers to win.

In 39 minutes, he scored 40 points, grabbed six rebounds and dished out six assists. In addition, he was instrumental in defense, collaborating with two steals and a block.

“I just didn’t want anything to happen this year where people say this and that if I’m number two on the team.” George said.

“But, I’m fine with this function. Despite that, I know what I’m capable of, so I know I can be the number one option.

“I’m very aware and confident in my ability. Anyway, regardless of what they say, I’m going to play and do my job.” he added.


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