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The free poker is indeed the best way to train to play poker on pc or mobile with play money against a computer and therefore no risk of losing money against experienced players.

This popular casino table game combining luck, psychology and thinking is available here without registration and in various variations of Pai Gow, Caribbean Stud Poker or Classic.

It is the ideal method to start and better learn the rules of poker as well as the winning combinations. Sometimes players also prefer not to play against other players but rather against the computer that will act as the dealer here. Find the best 100% free poker games offered by our INDPoker site.

The Rules of Free Poker

Without taking into account the many variations of existing free poker, the rules remain broadly the same as in classic poker where it is necessary to have a better combination than that of the other players to win.

When you play against the computer, you will have a single opponent who is the dealer. In case of a stronger hand, you will win a reward equal to your hand.

Typically, for a single pair hand, you will win your bet once and get your bet back. For a double pair hand, you will win twice your stake and get it back.

For a straight flush hand that represents the best possible combination, a win of 100 times the stake will be returned to you in addition to your recovered wager.

The Main Variations of Free Poker

Casino Hold’em: This is the variant that most resembles the original Texas Hold’em with 2 cards for the player and 2 cards for the dealer.

Place your Ante bet and visualise the first 3 community cards, then you will decide whether it is better to call and uncover the 2 remaining cards or to fold.

If you call you will bet double your Ante bet. You will have to make a better combination than the dealer with the 5 community cards to win a reward that varies according to your hand.

Caribbean Stud Poker: Caribbean Stud Poker can also be called Tropical Stud Poker or Oasis Poker, you play again against the dealer and will receive five cards after paying the Ante bet. The dealer will also receive 5 cards face down. Bet if you think you have a better game than the dealer.


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