The Top Secrets How to Win Pok Deng Game

Similar to Baccarat game, Pok Deng is one of the popular card games at online casinos in Malaysia and Singapore.

Pok Deng is a card game originating from Thailand. With this game, players can bet their odds of winning on other player’s cards.

Like some other card games, Pok Deng uses a 52-card deck. Each table can play up to 6 players. Players will receive 2 initial cards. Then must find ways to get the maximum score through drawing more cards.

In Pok Deng there is an attractive point that is, you may have strong cards in your hand, but it is not certain that you have won! Because it depends on how you use that card, how to choose the object of comparison at each time.

So, how do you win Pok Deng game?

Know the Rules

Each online casino has specific rules available to send to players. All you need to do is read these instructions carefully and understand them thoroughly.

Play for Free at First

If you have never played Pok Deng before, play through its demo to know the rules as well as how to join the game so that when you enter the real game, you won’t be shocked!

Control Your Emotions Well

Before going down to play, set yourself a specific “target” to how much to win, how much to lose, then stop. Don’t be greedy when you see victory, try to lose when you lose. You could lose all of your existing funds.

Stop When You Get 5-7 Points

If the original 2 cards are dealt, the total score is between 5-7 points. It’s best to stop, don’t draw 3 cards anymore. Thus, your win rate is also higher.

Today, you can discover Pok Deng game at online casinos. However, you should play at a trustworthy online casino to ensure your interests.

If you’re a Pok Deng game enthusiast, then SA Gaming is one of the places where you can play for real money.


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