The Different Markets of Football Betting

The most prestigious sportsbooks generally offer between twenty and forty different betting markets on football. They are available at least 24 hours before the start of the meeting you are interested in and are offered at scalable odds that defy any competition.

Your professional guide, SBOBET, has decided to review all the most famous bets, which will allow you to differentiate them and facilitate your choices in the future.

The Simple Bet

The Simple Bet is the most classic of its kind. It consists in betting on only one possible result, that is to say either on the victory of the team 1 which plays at home, or the victory of the team 2 which plays away, or a match no one between the two formations.

Live Betting

Live Betting allows you to bet on a sports match while viewing the match in real time. Sportsbooks make Live Betting platforms available to punters through which it is possible to watch a match streaming. The sportsbooks have broadcasting rights and allow users to adjust their bets throughout the game. The odds also change throughout the match.

The Double Odds Betting

The double odds bet allows you to bet on two simultaneous results. So you have three possibilities in total: you can bet on a home win and a draw, a draw and an away win or a home win and an away win.

Over / Under Betting

The Over / Under betting allows you to predict the total number of goals or points scored during a sports match. In football, sportsbooks generally offer three options: +/- 1.5 goals, +/- 2.5 goals or +/- 3.5 goals. Note that the second option is the most popular because it is often more profitable.

Asian Hndicap Betting

You know the concept of handicap betting, but do you know the particularity of Asian handicap betting? This kind of betting is a huge success with Anglo-Saxon sports bettors.

Asian handicap betting is not easy to understand, but you should know that draws can be refunded! You will see that you will be entitled to a type of two-in-one bet since an Asian handicap betting typically consists of two, with two separate half-wagers.

The beginners can quickly find himself lost in the face of the diversity of offers offered by bookmakers. Our guide takes you through the different types of sports betting to help you make money.


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