The Differences between Online and Live Poker

There are some differences between online poker and live poker, which we will look at right now. If you don’t know the versions, you can understand which modality you like the most.

Online Poker

Online Poker is the game where you only play against the casino. It works with the random number generator RNG engine, where poker cards are shuffled and dealt virtually to the player and dealer. Playing here can be regulated by the player throughout the game and it is an option for those who do not yet have so much experience to venture into a Live Poker table, for example.

Live Poker

To play at Live Poker tables, the player must choose an online casino that offers Live Games. Here the rule is very similar to the game in land-based casinos.

The virtual tables are separated by initial values ​​that the player must bet, and the dealer will be in a real studio, transmitting all the movements in real time, in streaming mode. This is the perfect version if you already know the game and like the excitement and interaction between players and dealer.

Can Poker Be Manipulated?

It’s a good question, and one of the first questions beginners ask when they start playing online poker. Fortunately, fairness is easily demonstrable when it comes to casino gaming.

Before we elaborate on this point, let’s discuss the concept behind the turn of each card at the online poker table: the RNG or Random Number Generation.

The RNG is the program that decides which hand players are dealt. This is calculated mathematically, using special algorithms. However, it is not enough for online poker sites to simply claim justice.

Every experience that involves real money must be verified by an approved testing house like eCOGRA. In short, RNG cannot be weighted to a specific outcome, such as a hand that always has a 6 or, worse, one that always loses. The casino ‘advantage’, a traditional house edge used to cover operating costs, is excluded.

Compared to video and online poker, RNG is not relevant for these live dealer games. This is because tables with human dealers deal poker cards by hand, and you can see this happening with your own eyes, thanks to a camera.

Testing agencies also check the fairness of live games, although the conditions are much closer to those imposed on traditional establishments.


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