The Basic Rules of Poker Game

The rules of poker are always the same regardless of which variant you play. So you can easily learn to play poker by knowing the basic rules.

Subsequently, you will discover that the official rules of poker are applied differently depending on the game variant chosen. In fact, we do not play the same way in Texas Hold’em as in Omaha or Stud. To discover the subtleties, consult our pages dedicated to each of these variants.

In poker, it is quite unwelcome to play with real money. So, before starting any game, each player will change a set amount of tokens. This set of tokens is called  the chip and when a player redeems one, they are said to be “rebuying”.

The entry to a table is defined by a minimum amount from the cellar, but also sometimes by a maximum amount. The type of auction also defines, although indirectly, the entry fee to the table.

A game of poker takes place in a clockwise direction. The distribution of cards, the speaking turns and the bets are therefore always to the left.

The myth of cheaters is not always realistic but in order to prevent any problem, some poker rules invite players to take responsibility.

The cellar should be placed on the table, we then call “carpet”. Hence, the term “go all” which means to bet all his remaining chip. No tokens should be hidden and all players are responsible for their cards. He must therefore protect his hand (hide the face side of his cards).

Finally, the duration of a reflection time must be established at the start of the game. During the game, it is up to the dealer to remind all the players of the deadlines.


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