Sport at the Service of eSport

Sport at the Service of eSport

One thing is certain, if you spend a lot of time in front of the screen to play, doing sports in addition is clearly a good idea.

Practiced in parallel with video games, sports activity is beneficial for your body, of course, but not only. It also allows you to perform better against your game opponents. Isn’t that nice?

In the world of eSports, nothing can make a difference. But the level is such that sometimes players have the impression of stagnating and no longer improving.

It lacks this little extra thing that allows you to take the advantage over the opponent. A frustrating situation against which sport can come in reinforcement.

Moreover, professional players today are surrounded by coaches of all kinds. They are there to help these champions enter competitions in the best possible conditions. And like any other sport, physical training is necessary.

Certain sports such as running or bodybuildingare therefore excellent for approaching this notion of perseverance and exceeding objectives.

In running, you will want to go faster to complete your course, or to go further for a given time.

In bodybuilding, over the course of training and by dint of determination, you will see your body change and you will manage to pass this bar of 100 kg for example.

Having surpassed your sports goals, you are then focused and more determined than ever to replicate the in-game feat.

All the skills developed during these sports sessions are therefore beneficial in competition.

Some games require sharp reflexes. We think for example of FPS like Warzone or Counter Strike.

Boxing is an excellent sport for improving your reaction times and thus performing even better against players whose level continues to grow.

Some F1 drivers also practice this sport in their physical preparation to improve their concentration and their reflexes. In his book Yellowstar, Become a League of Legends.


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