Slot Games Guide for Beginners

The quality of online slot game guides tends towards the miserable. Many of the best slot review sites are designed in such a way that content is an afterthought. The entire focus is on ads and sales.

We provide some context for the game itself. The slot game guides here have been prepared by real slot players without a sales agenda.

Slot machines are a natural choice for the online casino industry. The screen of a modern slot is not much different from the screen of your laptop or tablet.

As slot machines are primarily point and click games, they translate well into the web gambling business. Game designers and online casinos have taken full advantage of this and are producing some truly amazing titles exclusively for the online market.

Classic Slots

It would be hard to find a real classic slot mechanic in action on a casino floor, although we’ve seen some in action primarily as novelty items. It is likely that collectors have traditional slots with mechanical parts, although it is illegal for these collectors to actually provide them as games of chance, so they are for display only.

Video Slots

Any machine game that uses a modern screen, graphics, animations or cut scenes can be called a video slot. To that end, we would guess that 99% of all online slots are technically video slots.

An example would be Cleopatra slots, a popular line of online slot games very loosely about the life and imagery associated with historic Cleopatra.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are machine games that are connected through some kind of network. The purpose of this link is to increase the size of the game’s progressive jackpots. By cutting a percentage of every cent paid on the net, the games produce an ever-increasing jackpot that is triggered by a rare combination of symbols.

If you have a question about slots, interest in a particular slot game, or a general curiosity about slot machines, you’ll find the information you need somewhere at Live22.


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