Singapore Online Keno Game

Nowadays, keno is a fun game at an online casino like TBSBet. The game originated in ancient China, almost everyone, from all walks of life in Chinese society plays this game.

In Singapore, keno is no longer strange, but they have also been introduced for a few years and the gameplay is no different from the original.

Before coming to how to play Keno online, players need to understand the rules of the game. If you want to win, you need to know the following rules.

The most important element of keno is the 80 marbles numbered 1 through 80. From those numbers, the dealer will randomly draw 20 balls and then the player predicts the value of these 20 marbles.

When the system stops spinning; 20 numbers will be displayed. If the returned result matches the selected bet number, the player will be the winner and receive a reward. The payout ratio is more or less depending on the value of your bet. The bonus will be added directly to your balance.

Keno has a variety of bet types, so the player’s bet will be determined to win depending on each type; along with that the result is determined as the respective winning percentage which has been clearly specified in each bet type.

In short, with the initial set of 80 marbles, the dealer will randomly draw 20 balls, then the player is based on preference; own skills and prediction that bet with many types of bets, many different ways of playing keno.

Newcomers to the game may not be familiar with the rules; The gameplay of keno is so that players should give themselves an initial step by choosing the trial mode.

Today, so many online casinos like TBSBet have allowed their players to play for free without losing money, so players can take advantage of the trial time to practice their skills.


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