Scoot Henderson Refuses Comparisons to NBA Career

Scoot Henderson Refuses Comparisons to NBA Career

Scoot Henderson, who is expected to go in at second draft pick, has rejected the idea of comparing his NBA career to others.

The first topic that everyone brings up when talking about the upcoming draught is Victor Wembanyama.

The young Frenchman, after all, is touted as one of the greatest prospects in NBA history. But it doesn’t sum up an extremely strong rated feat class.

“I don’t want to think about comparisons, first of all. And more than that, I don’t want to have a career like other players.” Henderson said.

“I want to walk my own path. I want people to say that many other athletes have a career like Scott’s, because I’m going to make my own path. It doesn’t matter what happens, but let it be my way.” Henderson added.

Henderson’s statements are significant because it is easy to draw parallels between his game and others.

One of the most common icons in recent drafts is the athletic and aggressive point guard.

Comparisons to players such as John Wall and Russell Westbrook, for example, are all too common among recruiting analysts. He takes it as a tease, but pursues other options.

“I am blessed with the position I am in. So I want to maximise what I have and can do. I don’t want to try to follow in someone else’s footsteps because that’s not how I got here.” Henderson said.

“Russell and John are great players and leaders where they’ve been. But, with all due respect, I want to be me first rather than someone else,” Henderson added.

Henderson was initially compared to a first choice in regular NBA drafts and the he hopes to make it.

Being number two, after all, is a rare occurrence for one of the top young talents in American basketball.

Henderson even faces the situation with a certain naturalness, but guarantees that he will continue fighting to “overcome” Wembanyama.

“I am very happy to be one of the players considered to be the first choice. And I want to be the first name called in recruiting because my competitive spirit speaks volumes.” Henderson said.

“I already want to be number one in whatever I start doing. I always want to win, in short. Always win. Second place is good, but my objective is to be first.” he added.


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