Rollovers at Online Sportsbooks

Rollovers are certain conditions imposed by online sportsbooks on the bettor when he receives some type of bonus.

For example, the bettor will have to wager 2 times the amount of the initial deposit before being able to withdraw his winnings.

In other words, a rollover consists of a certain amount of bets to be made that will have to be fulfilled by the bettor in order to unlock the respective bonus that was initially offered.

Different Types of Rollovers

Before choosing to open an account with a particular bookmaker, it is important to clarify the rules inherent to the rollover, as these vary between the various sportsbooks.

There are sometimes rollovers that will have to be completed in order for the bonus to be unlocked and additional rollovers for the money to be available for withdrawal.

On the other hand, it is also worth noting that there are bookmakers where it is only necessary to fulfill the bonus rollover and the money is automatically available for withdrawal.

Bonuses and associated rollovers usually refer to the first deposits made at online sportsbooks, however, more and more bookmakers launch promotions for their customers that may also have associated rollovers.

In order for the rollovers to be fulfilled, there are two conditions that apply to practically all sportsbooks:

The Value of Bets

The bettor will have to place a certain number of bets for the rollover to be unlocked.

The Value of the Odds

Most sportsbooks only consider that a certain amount bet unlocks the rollover if the odds where the bettor places their money have a certain value, for example, betting with odds greater than 1.5.

However, it should also be noted that some online sportsbooks consider that the rollover can be unlocked from multiple bets, which require a minimum odds value.


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