LeBron James Blasts Lakers Board

LeBron James Blasts Lakers Board

LeBron James is tired of losing and wants the Los Angeles Lakers board to start acting.

Shortly after the Lakers’ win over the Sacramento Kings on Saturday night, James made his displeasure clear.

LeBron insisted he wants the team to make trades until the NBA trade deadline, but there is some resistance from General Manager Rob Pelinka.

“You all know what the f**k is supposed to happen. I don’t think I need to say too much about it.” LeBron said.

LeBron James cannot be traded to the Lakers board unless he wants to. Therefore, if there is no Pelinka action in the coming weeks, it is possible that James will ask for a trade until February 9th.

James may be up for negotiation, according to different rumours. The board had a contract with LeBron that would move even if he actively participated in the trades for Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook.

LeBron thinks the Lakers need to get better if they want to make the playoffs. When the winger agreed to an extension of his contract, Pelinka confirmed him that the squad would make every attempt. However, the director would be thinking about preserving the future with Draft picks.

“See, I just play. I worry about who is in the locker room. But it’s not my job (to take care of the cast), I can’t do other people’s jobs,” LeBron said.

“It’s not a science, so they know what to do. But I’m working, I don’t have time to take care of that kind of thing.” he added.

LeBron James gave an interview to ESPN last Friday, trying to “open the eyes” of the Lakers board. On occasion, he indicated that he wants to win, but it’s not just up to him.

“I want to win, but this losing thing isn’t doing me any good I don’t like achieving great things, I don’t feel good if that happens in a defeat.” LeBron said.

“So, as we sit here, the team is below 50% performance. We’ve been playing well lately, but we want and I want to win at the highest level. Breaking records or beating big names in a loss is not in my DNA.” he added.


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