Klopp Reacts on Liverpool 1-0 Defeat to Bournemouth

Klopp Reacts on Liverpool 1-0 Defeat to Bournemouth

Liverpool on Saturday disappointed even their most pessimistic fan. The Reds lost away from home to bottom Bournemouth 1-0 in the Premier League in a match that looked easy.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has reacted, at the press conference, on his team’s indoor and outdoor performance.

“I think we played for pretty much 95 minutes the game Bournemouth wanted to play and a few minutes maybe, a few moments, we did the stuff we wanted to do actually.” Klopp said.

“In the first half I think our two or three best moments were similar: finding the half-space, going from there behind the last line.” Klopp added.

What Klopp means is clearly proven by these last two rounds. The team defeated Manchester United, which is currently in third position in the Premier League, 7-0 at Anfield.

But it was enough for the Reds to travel to be defeated by 1-0 by Bournemouth at the bottom. But, Klopp’s reading of this aspect is correct.

In a Premier League ranking only counting home games, Liverpool are in 3rd place with 30 points at home.

Klopp’s side only in 10th place with a measly 12 points when it comes to playing away from home.

Liverpool’s last away win away from home was the 2-0 over Newcastle on 18 February. Before that, the 3-1 win over Aston Villa took place on December 26, 2022.

“There is always a reason for the situation you are in and our record away from home is right [one of them]. We could have picked up more points at home too – or perhaps we should have. Away, definitely.” Klopp said.

“It has been a great strength of ours in recent years, it has made a lot of difference between us, but that’s how when you succeed.

“When you consistently do things right, with the quality that we have, we have a good chance of winning out or getting results out too. This season is not frequent enough. It’s a clear point, to be honest.” the German added.


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