Klay Thompson Believes Nobody Can Stop Warriors

Klay Thompson Believes Nobody Can Stop Warriors

The Golden State Warriors have a very irregular trajectory, but they are close to reaching their first goal.

However, the defending champions rely only on themselves to secure a direct postseason ticket on Sunday.

According to Klay Thompson, the Warriors are going to be pretty tough to stop once they’re in the playoffs.

“I don’t see anyone who can beat us in a seven-game series when we’re healthy.” Thompson said after the match.

“The keys for this team are: valuing ball possession, not taking bad shots and, finally, communication in defense. If we follow these points, we will certainly be in a great condition to win another title.” Thompson added.

The Warriors failed to dominate a well depleted Kings and only led by five points at halftime. An unexpected defeat, as a result, could drop the champions to the play-in. Therefore, the climate in the locker room was intense.

Coach Steve Kerr gave a scolding. He charged the team with composure and said what was at stake.

“Steve gave us, in short, the message we needed to hear. However, we shouldn’t have to turn on and take control of the game after the break.” the Warriors guard Donte DiVincenzo said.

“We have a good enough team to not be in danger. We can actually be a great team. But, for that, we have to start the matches like the second half of today.” DiVincenzo.

The direct playoff spot is almost set for Thompson and the Warriors. The Blazers are already eliminated and, therefore, enter the court without their most important players.

The current champions can still rise to fifth place, but with a win, they won’t fall below sixth place. While gaining a foothold is nice, the great achievement is still just relying on themselves.

The Warriors can meet the Kings again in the first round of the playoffs, depending on the results. The rivals would have the court command advantage in the match.

“It would be a fantastic series, and also a very special one for Northern California. Sacramento has great fans supporting a team that plays together and plays hard. It would certainly have everything to be a legal match.” Thompson said.


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