Jamie Caragher Believes Erling Haaland Picks Wrong Club

Jamie Caragher Believes Erling Haaland Picks Wrong Club

Former Liverpool midfielder Jamie Carragher believed Erling Haaland has picked the wrong club in the Premier League.

City has been disappointing this season, and they will have a difficult time catching up to Arsenal in the Premier League.

“He may have actually picked the wrong club to actually get the best out of him,” Carragher said.

“You’re laughing [Micah Richards], but we’re not seeing everything of Erling Haaland, and Manchester City now, not because of Erling Haaland, we can say they’re a different team, but they’ve scored exactly the same amount of goals.

“But they’ve conceded more and it’s far easier to counter-attack them as well, so they’re a different team, and a lesser team, with Erling Haaland in the team.” Carragher added.

Haaland contributed 25 goals this season, but the collective achievement did not increase. On the other hand, City conceded more goals and were more prone to counter-attacks.

“I think we’ve only seen 60 per cent of Erling Haaland. You think of the goal he got versus West Ham when there was space in behind and he gets in behind,” Carragher said.

“I know that’s not there every time due to the way City play. He’s come from a counter-attacking league [the Bundesliga] where it’s end to end.” he added.

The Norwegian forward is still leading the Premier League top scorer race this season. The former Dortmund star is owning 25 goals, eight more than the second ranked player Harry Kane. Last season’s top scorer, Mohamed Salah only had seven goals.

However, Haaland only scored one goal in the last seven matches at the rival’s ground. What happened in the defeat on the evening of February 5 also showed instability.

In more than 90 minutes on the pitch, Haaland did not touch the ball in the box and did not have a shot towards the Tottenham goal.

City lifted the Premier League title in 2022 for the fourth time in five seasons and made progress in their hunt for a Champions League trophy.


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