How to Play Dragon Tiger for Real Money

Dragon Tiger AG Casino

Dragon Tiger is a popular online casino game and is especially popular among the casino enthusiasts because of its simplicity and the fast-paced nature of the game.

Just like Baccarat, it’s a comparing card game in which you bet on three possible outcomes – Player, Banker or Tie. However, in Dragon Tiger, everything is simplified. You can bet on which card has the highest value or on two optional side bets.

How to play Dragon Tiger?

Basic Rules

The rules of Dragon Tiger are simple. The dealer deals first one card to the Dragon’s side and second one card to the Tiger’s side.

The bets must be placed on either sides of the hand or on the possibility of a tie before the cards are dealt. In Dragon Tiger, the value of an Ace is 1, the value assigned to the Jack card is 11, a Queen is 12 and a King is 13. For either the Dragon hand or Tiger hand to win the bet has to be on the hand whose value is the highest.

Game Terms

The Dragon’s hand, the card that is dealt to the Dragon’s side. The Tiger’s hand, the card that is dealt to the Tiger’s side. Tie, if the value of the Dragon’s hand is equal to the value of the Tiger’s hand then it is considered a tie. The payout for this bet is 8:1, just like with Baccarat. However, tie bets offer the casino a huge edge at 32.7%, so this bet is best avoided.

Placing Bets

You can place your bets on either side Dragon or Tiger. In a case of Tie when the participant either bets on the Dragon’s hand or Tiger’s hand the house takes 50%.

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