How to Bet on Horse Racing in Singapore and Malaysia?

Since horse racing is a very popular bet, you can easily get a lot of useful information about it. For example, it is worth checking the websites about horse racing, because you will find there a lot of interesting information about training and tracks.

However, do not be influenced by the sports types on these pages, it is good to listen to only experts’ advice on this topic.

A recommended solution is also going to online horse racinf websites, where short descriptions of horses are also posted. We will then have basic information that we can use when placing bets.

Many people who are just starting their adventure with this type of games do not know exactly what information they will need.

First of all, you should take into account such data as:


It is worth knowing whether there have been any problems during the training, what is the speed of the horse’s track, or whether it can handle jumps.


Has the horse’s weight increased or decreased since the last run? Sometimes horses, after a successful performance, cannot cope with the greater weight in the next race.


You should also pay attention to which jockey will take part in a given race, whether he knows the horse well. The jockey should know first of all the horse’s abilities.

The Value of the Horse

Usually, information about the value of a horse can be found in guides. It is also an important point. More is expected of expensive horses, and they are also provided with better living and training conditions.

Sportsbook’s Odds

We should also remember the movements of the sportsbook’ odds. Sometimes it happens that horses with great potential have an inflated opening price, and sometimes the odds for horses are too low from the very morning. We also pay attention to large increases, they may be a sign of some problems with the horse.

Where Can We Bet on Horse Racing?

It is very convenient and simple to bet on horse races on the websites of legal sportsbook . CITIbet is one of the best horse racing sites in Malaysia. The good news is that on the CITIbet, it is possible to watch live races, which is very useful for a punter.


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