How Do You Play Live Poker?

A few years ago you could only play online poker software-based against the computer, but in the live casino you have a real dealer as your opponent.

The advantages of playing live poker are obvious. Are you wondering why? First of all, you don’t have any time pressure when playing, at least in the software-based version.

Due to the popularity of casino poker, you will find several live games providers such as Microgaming tha offers the game.

You can even find a live casino poker jackpot. Of course, Live Hold’em Poker is also among the tables on offer. The limits are interesting for beginners and low stakes as well as high rollers. The professional poker dealers do a good job and you can talk to them via live chat.

You can also place side bets live , which increases the variety a lot. The games in the live casino are usually available around the clock and you will always come across other croupiers with whom you can compete.

One of the biggest differentiators between online casino poker and other variants is the payout rates. This is often referred to as the RTP value and the payout ratio and reflects your theoretical chances of winning the game.

The RTP value is high at live poker, and your chances of winning are correspondingly higher than with other games. However, keep in mind that side bets reduce the payout rate.

One or the other of you will definitely want to play casino poker against the computer or a croupier on your mobile phone or smartphone. This even works without a casino app. 

The online casinos have adapted their websites so that all games on the website can be played without restrictions via a mobile web browser. Of course, there are also quality differences here.

If you want to play online poker, you can choose from different variants from different casinos. The most well-known game casino such as Microgaming.


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