Horse Racing with H3asia

H3asia is a multi-branded online game providing giant. They give extraordinary experiences with the casino, Horse racing, lotteries and much more. This blog will tell about a stunning feature, Horse racing. Betting on live matches, sports events like cricket, basketball is very interesting. Betting on live horse racing is traditionally very famous in many parts of the world. Countries have clubs for such betting, for example, in Singapore, it is horse racing SG. gives exclusive offers and guidelines for their players in various games. Registering with the service providers of horse racing is absolutely free and can be done anytime. It is further distinguished with other products and particulars. They provide almost all the online betting services under their website It’s a leading website in China, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and more.

Different Service Providers

The service providers for Horse Racing SG with h3asia are:


CITIbet is controlled by h3asia and is aimed at providing a platform for horse racing betting. It is legal to do saddle betting by CITIbet. It allows the user to experience live featuring of horse race betting right from their homes. The players are offered opportunities to bet and then they are allowed to take them on tracks. This process is tracked by a card given to the player.

A very exciting feature is that players become the owners of the horse by themselves. Then they can take their horses for racing once the bet is granted. New users are given exciting offers by CITIbet. They get to join horse races for free. Such features and much more are always available on the official website of h3asia.


EZGO123 is the biggest product in Singapore powered by h3asia. They render wonderful horse racing and horse race betting platforms. Their motto is to provide the users with great online animated horse racing experience. Other than that they give live videos of horse racing around the world sitting at home. It’s a completely secure and legalized platform for all the horse racing lovers. EZGO123 also gives new member offers and other features.

Yong Sheng

The online Yong Sheng racing games offer various racing games of which horse racing is very well-known. Newcomers are required to pay some amount to enjoy games provided by this platform. Their professional team is highly supportive of the new members. The Yong Sheng horse racing betting gives guidelines to the members for betting. A member in Horse racing requires a Horse book account for optimization.


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