Fred Couples Set a Record at the Masters 2023

Fred Couples Set a Record at the Masters 2023

Fred Couples on Saturday became the oldest player to pass through the 99-year history of the major on Augusta National.

Couples set a new tournament record by making the cut. Couples became the oldest golfer to make the cut at the Masters at the age of 63 years.

The latest record for Couples’ exit age is four months higher than that of the former German owner Bernhard Langer, set in 2020.

The second round of Masters 2023 was postponed after the incident of three pine trees falling at the same time and also due to bad weather.

At the break, Couples was at even par and played to the right of the fairway the par4 18 hole, 465 yards long with a +2 expected cut.

Couples continued to hit the second shot, unable to direct the flag due to the pine trees in front of him. And to avoid it, Couples, after the shot, was still 50 yards from the green.

From there, he chipped in six meters from the target and finished with two swipes. Bogey’s bottom hole pulled Couples down +1. However, the official cutoff is at +4.

“All night before, I thought I didn’t have to worry about par, just bogey. Finally, I reached that goal,” Couples said.

Round 3 was unfinished, Due to the continuous rain, the yard surface is out of standard. All 54 cross-cutters have not finished the penultimate stage.

Couples finished nine holes, scored a birdie, four bogeys with a current score of +4 and finished T49. Meanwhile, the first place still belongs to Brooks Koepka, standing at -13.

Following Koepka are Jon Rahm (-9) and amateur player Sam Bennett (-6). This top 3 group has all passed six holes.

“From now on, how am I going to compete with young stars like Viktor Hovland and Jon Rahm? But the competition is also competing with myself. So, since I’m getting older and older, the cut-off is happiness,” Couples said.


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