Five Perfect Video Games to Start eSports

Five Perfect Video Games to Start eSports

eSport is a form of competitive video game that is streamed and played over the internet either individually or in teams.

We have selected five easy-to-learn titles:

#1. FIFA

The most famous football game, which has passed through all generations since 1993, remains a safe bet in eSports.

It’s not a leading game, we won’t fill a stadium playing FIFA, but it’s an accessible game, easy to pick up. The game, however, demands a little practice, to master all the cogs.

At the start, you have to try to learn how to score goals, and little by little, by dint of practice, you improve your game.

#2. Rocket League

The hit from Psyonix, a clever mix between a racing game and a ball game, is causing a sensation in eSports competitions.

Two teams fight each other during a crazy match, in order to get the ball into the opposing goal. It’s a very fun game, which is quite easy to pick up.

#3. Street Fighter

Fighting games have always been calibrated for eSports. You still need to know how to know the infallible techniques to annihilate your opponents.

At the start, we do a little anything. By bludgeoning all the buttons a little, no matter how. And sometimes even, when you do anything, it works.

It’s easy to understand, and then if you want to know the precise techniques, it takes a little more time. At first, to be knocked down within seconds by players stronger than you. It’s the job that comes in.

#4. Valorous

This first-person shooter, true Counter Strike pop, is ideal for beginners, if you like the genre. It’s one of the most accessible shooting games for beginners.

However, you will need a little curiosity, to understand what the abilities of the different characters are, to choose the one that corresponds to the player you are. Same thing for weapons, they will have to be chosen carefully.

#5. Super Smash Bros

Unlike more traditional fighting games, in Super Smash Bros, you have to knock your opponents off the stage and off the screen.

Use a whole range of attacks to increase the damage of your rivals before sending them flying out of the stage: the more a fighter accumulates damage the further they will be thrown.


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