Durant: “Nets Need to trust Ben Simmons”

Kevin Durant has suggested that the Brooklyn Nets need to trust Ben Simmons to bring out their best basketball.

Simmons has been on the starting lineup for the upcoming season for quite some time. But, in order for him to have the expected impact, he must depend on more than just the ball in his hands. Above all, it will be a matter of motivating and encouraging a complicated player.

“We need to trust Ben and thus keep him trusting. You have to encourage him on the court, pass him the ball and, finally, let him be aggressive.” Durant said.

“But I am not, at the same time, ‘nanny’ for any player here. Ben, most of all, knows this. If he sees the opening to attack, then simply attack.” Durant added.

In recent years, the point guard has become well-known for his shooting defence. Durant, on the other hand, believes that the New York clubs need an athlete who embraces instincts without fear of failure.

“Who cares, anyway, if Ben misses the shot? It happens, but you must have the confidence to try. We like that Bem, hit or miss, is aggressive,” Durant said.

Initially, trusting Simmons is crucial for both Durant and the Nets’ ambitions. The defensive specialist’s impact will almost certainly determine the ultimate title victory.

However, Simmons cannot become the focus of the team’s season and attract everyone’s attention.

Every player on the team is trusted by their teammates on a daily basis, so involving the point guard is not politeness.

“We’re always ‘feeding’ each other with energy and encouragement to begin with. We ask each other, for example, to be aggressive in trying to score.” Durant said.

“Putting the ball in the basket, after all, is the object of the game. So it will be better if Ben can pick up the pace and create for everyone. But I won’t be asking you to do it all the time.” he added.


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