Best Tennis Betting Tips

Betting on tennis is popular and always offers opportunities due to the huge number of matches. There are tournaments almost year round and even during the short stop you can still place tennis betting, because when betting on sports there are always the long term bets.

Of course, you can bet on the four grand slams, but there are dozens of other tournaments on the schedule every season.

Never Underestimate Underdogs

Successful betting on tennis requires some basic knowledge of the sport. And the more you know about players, the better your chances of winning. So be up to date and never go blindly for sportsbooks favourites and never underestimate the underdogs.


Pay attention to the recent form of players, check how long a previous game lasted and whether there have been any injuries recently. Is a player a slow starter or an aces specialist and who has won the most in previous head-to-head encounters?

Little Research

It is good to know how certain players usually react in certain situations. Do a little research beforehand and you will be able to substantiate your bet much better.

One player can handle the pressure at, for example, a breakpoint better than another, and one player also handles a backlog or lead differently than another. Knowing these things will give you a better chance of success with your tennis betting.

Checking the Match Schedule

If you want to predict the winner of a tournament, check the game schedule and find out who can meet where. A lesser player can get quite far if he or she has a favorable draw. On the other hand, big favourites can be eliminated if they have to show up against other top players relatively early in the tournament.

To start with, you need an account with an online sportsbook to bet on tennis. That is the place where you can place your tennis betting. Registering is done in a few steps and with some play money in your account you can get started right away.


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