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4D Lottery

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Take the Right Guess and You Can Win Big in 4D Lottery Casino Game Online

The casino games played offline and online are among the most enjoyable games where you have loads of fun and earn hefty amounts each time you win against the house or another player. Most casino games are quite complicated and need you to do some analysis about the expected outcome but in some games you cannot do any calculations and all you have is guesswork and some luck. 4D  Lottery is one such game where you need to predict the winning number by guessing. This game is popularly played in Malaysia and needs you to select a 4 digit number between 0000 – 9999. To play and win this game you just some luck and you never know when your guesswork might pay off. During each game at least 23 numbers shall be drawn. There are 7 different ways to play this game. The seven types are: -Classic 4D -4D Jackpot -Classic 3D -Toto 5D -Toto 6D -Sports Toto Mega 6/52 -Sports Toto Power 6/55, Sports Toto Supreme 6/58 In Classic 4D, you just select four digits from 0000 to 9999 and if your number matches the lottery number, you win. While playing 4D Jackpot you need to match 2 sets of numbers but the numbers should be of the highest reward score. Classic 3D is quite similar to the Classic 4D. Here you get to pick 3 digits number instead of picking 4 digits number. Toto 5D is another version where the players have to select 5 digits number and there are only 3 winning options. You get to win the first, second or third prize only of your chosen number comes within these three options. However, there’s a catch here. You might just end up winning at the fourth, fifth & sixth positions, provided your selection must match at least 4 – 2 digits compared to the first winning option. In Toto 6D version, you must select 6 digits number and you can either win the first prize or you must match 5 – 2 digits number starting from left side or right side of the first option. This is applicable for the positions from second to fifth. Coming to the Sports Toto Mega 6/52 you need to select 6 numbers between 1 – 52. You win if all 6 numbers match. You get the second position if 5 numbers plus bonus number match. You get third prize if 5 numbers are same. You score fourth if 4 numbers match and fifth prize if 3 numbers match. Lastly the Sports Toto Power 6/55 & Sports Toto Supreme 6/58. Here also you choose 6 numbers between 1 – 55 & 1 – 58 (for Toto Supreme). The prize winning rules are almost the same as Toto Mega option but here you have only four winning numbers. Enjoy your favourite lottery game at the best online casinos operating across Malaysia.

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