Types of Singaporean Roulette Players

Updated: January 29, 2021
Types of Singaporean Roulette Players

The way of playing and the behavior of the player give rise to different types of roulette players. Find out here What kind of roulette player are you?

Social Type Player

The social type roulette player, seeks above all entertainment. It usually gets noticed. He does not worry excessively about the profits, if they come he enjoys them and if not, he is not mortified.

Player’s primary goal is to have a good time and you know beforehand how much he is going to spend. A Player always stay within his game plan and stick to his spending limit. He is not prone to applying game techniques or strategies.

Since he plays for fun, he is commonly in control of his emotions, win or lose. He is generally occasional or infrequent participants in the game.

Emotional Type Player

The emotional type roulette player is the one who is governed and carried away by his enthusiasm. Their behavior can be very effusive in case of gains or aggressive in case of frequent losses. Play roulette to win, not to have fun.

This type of player can become obsessive in his bets, and even bet everything he has. He does not assume any control over his emotions. Even if he has outlined a game plan or set a spending limit, sticking to them will depend on the results.

He is a regular and frequent player. In extreme situations, the emotional type may be willing to apply illegal gambling methods. Always seek to obtain some benefit, regardless of the way to achieve it.

Professional Type Player

The professional type roulette player always plays under a pre-established strategy. He usually takes a close look at the game before starting to play. They are usually individuals with a great capacity for analysis and with fairly accurate predictions about the results.

Player always know how he is going to play because he has a specific plan. He is disciplined and maintains control of his emotions. You can play many hours, and do it frequently, but you do not allow yourself to obsess over the game.

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